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Each section will have a slider (see example). Under each block are black circles that move the content from left to right. Each slider is numbered and will include content with graphics, text, audio, or links. Simply swipe right after each slide to get to the next one and complete the lesson, or swipe left to go over it again.

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The modules below flow in order from top to bottom. Although experiments can be gone through at random. Simply engage with them as you wish.


Introduction: Magnifying Experience

Magnifying Experience

The main message in this section is that we uncover what's most important through purpose, which is to experience. Coming soon is the Catalyst Guidebook, which takes a look at the foundation of the Tesserean Catalyst as a means for magnifying experience.

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Part One: Jadeion- The Quest for Balance

The Quest for Balance

We start businesses for many reasons, but looking at the deeper core reveals patterns that can not only be fulfilling, but also repeated. The Quest for Balance Catalyst report shows us that with a little effort we can not only improve our relationships both in and out of the home, but also support purpose for others by magnifying the experiences that we generate.   In the case of Jadeion, LLC Watch Company, we (Jen and I) were able to magnify our relationship by generating collective experiences that have been used to sell, repair, and now custom build watches.  The following is a short list of what took place and what you’ll see shared here on the Groundwork24 website in the next several days.

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Part Two: Jadeion- The Quest for Balance

You can download the Jadeion - The Quest for Balance, Part Two Report via the button below.

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Experiment: North Star

North Star: Part One-The Story

North Star (inspired by the Rheasilvia Outpost simulation) is a unique look into the our insatiable need for others. It shows us that there's a hidden agenda based on our own ego/narrative; one which drives a control that causes almost all psychological suffering in the world. Lastly, what you'll see in *Part Two, is that by understanding this hidden drive/fear, you will have a massive advantage in helping those you wish to serve.

Once you are finished with the short story, ask yourself a simple question before moving to *Part Two.

If you were not afraid to die, how could that be of value to others?

*Part Two will be below later this week.

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Part Two: North Start- Catering to Hidden Motives

You can download the North Star - Catering to Hidden Motives Part Two Report via the button below.

Please make sure you've gone through the slides (Part One) above first.

Conversion and Financial Perspective: Opulence


Maybe it’s about a job you’re thinking of taking, or a product you’re thinking of making. Knowing the outcome can be incredibly beneficial, anxiety reducing, and clarity enhancing. But is it too good to be true? Can we really see the future or know what’s on the horizon? Without a doubt the answer is yes. It may not be 100% accurate all the time, but when you learn enough new perspectives you’ll be able to see things with a certain level of clarity that may seem like magic to others.

Two lessons on Opulence.

  1. Adaptive Contemplative Reasoning
  2. The Power of Future Vision


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The New Vision for Life and Work

Groundwork24 is the official introduction to the Tesserean Catalyst project. It has been created from the accumulation of over a decade of psychological experiments (via The Tessera Method) and entrepreneurial pursuits, combined with the nearly desperate need for a new vision of life and work. The outcome is an abundance of thought experiments shared via profound narratives, model examples, flowcharts, and other multi-media assets, all shared within a unique and entertaining story-board platform. The experiments themselves have been painstakingly fashioned to offer a profound look into the human condition, so that the magnification of experience can be embraced and projected in almost any situation, action, or transaction.


The experiments cover psychology, philosophy, personal scenario, emotions, business strategy, as well as the application of Tesserean concepts within our own lives.


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